Diabetes Wiki

This page lists websites related to treatment and management of diabetes.


American Diabetes Association[]

American Diabetes Association

D-solve Low Carb & Low Insulin Diabetes Management Website[]

D-solve is dedicated to providing diabetics information (ad free) about how to manage their diabetes using low carb and low insulin.

FDA Diabetes Information[]

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Joslin Diabetes Center[]

Joslin Diabetes Center is the world's largest diabetes research center, diabetes clinic and provider of diabetes education. The Joslin website includes a full library of information on managing both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. New articles are posted weekly, plus news on research discoveries.


Diabetes Mine[]

A lively and intelligent blog by Amy Tenderich.

Six Until Me[]

A blog about type 1 diabetes, insulin pumping, and CGMs, written by Kerri Morrone Sparling.

your blog here[]

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Hi. My name is Jeremy and I have had diabetes mellitus for more than ten years. I am trying to get into a support group and I would like to have any information about joining a support group sent to me. Thanks for your time.

Social Networks[]

Tu Diabetes[]

A community where diabetics can help each other, educate ourselves and share the steps we take every day to stay healthy while living with this very serious condition through posts, media sharing and staying current with diabetes news.

Diabetic Connect[]

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The largest and fastest growing social network for people living with diabetes or caring for a loved one with diabetes. You can share recipes, advice, product reviews and much more with others who understand exactly what it's like to live with diabetes every day.

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