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The Joslin Diabetes Center, founded in 1898 (Boston, USA), is currently the world leader in diabetes research, treatment, and education. Its mission statement [1] states: "To improve the lives of people with diabetes and its complications through innovative care, education, and research that will lead to prevention and cure of the disease." It is named after its founder, Elliot P. Joslin (1869-1962), a pioneer in diabetes treatment.

Joslin Diabetes Center is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) and Diabetes Education & Camping Association [2].

Camp Joslin[]

Joslin Diabetes Center maintains and manages a camp located in Charlton (Massachusetts). The children and their family members are imparted necessary education and children to enable the children with diabetes to live a healthy and happy life. This is integrated with other fun-filled activities of the camp like camping, sports and cultural activities. The camp functions round the year but the summer camp attracts the largest number of persons, over 450 boys and young men each summer.


Joslin Diabetes Center has been under taking a number of research programs pertaining to diabetes. Currently (2007) over 300 scientists at Joslin are perusing a variety of researches directed at learning more about diabetes, preventing and treating type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, and the complications resulting from them. The Center has to its credit some of the major path breaking discoveries in diabetes care and management. Researches at Joslin have covered a wide area as indicated below:[1]

  • Therapeutic Methods for Diabetes, Insulin Disorders
  • Cell Transplantation and Beta Cell Biology
  • Therapeutics for Complications of Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Drug Screening for Diabetes
  • Diagnosis of Diabetes and its Complications
  • Animal Models and Research Tools

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