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Insulin for Life is an Australian non-profit organization that distributes insulin and diabetes supplies in emergency situations. The organization has a chapter in the United States, and affiliates in Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom. According to the Insulin for Life, its objectives are: [1]:

  1. collect and donate insulin, syringes, test strips and other supplies in urgent situations
  2. to donate supplies to several countries and Diabetes Associations continually, based on a philosophy of equity of access
  3. to encourage the development of similar programs elsewhere. IFL has helped establish similar programs in Europe and the USA.
  4. help develop and implement sustainable improvements in insulin supply in countries in need.

Ron Raab, President, Insulin for Life, has articulated the team spirit inherent in the activities of Insulin for Life in these words [1]: "The life saving activities of IFL result from the dedication of the Board, the IFL Affiliates in Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom and the IFL Centre at the University of Oklahoma in the United States, and the many volunteers and supporters around the world. You are the IFL team!"

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Since its establishment, Insulin for Life has been undertaking activities to realize its objects. A report by the International Diabetes Federation states [2]: "Since 1986, Insulin for Life has donated 1,261,000 milliliters of insulin, 1.4 million syringes, 252 thousand blood test strips, and thousands of insulin pens, needles, lancets, monitors and other supplies to people with diabetes in 51 countries."


Efforts of Insulin for Life have been repeatedly recognized and it has received the following awards:

  • Harold Rifkin Award 2005 - for Distinguished International Service in the Cause of Diabetes - conferred by the American Diabetes Association. While presenting the prestigious award, Dr Alan Cherrington, President of ADA, has remarked: "The organization’s contributions to the diabetes community directly support ADA's mission to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people living with diabetes."[2]
  • The Lilly Partnership in Diabetes Global Award 2005 - for Contribution to Care.
  • The Lilly Partnership in Diabetes 2005 Australia Award - for Contribution to Care.
  • The Sir Philip Sherlock Distinguished Award for Services to Diabetes Internationally, 2005
  • The Novo Nordisk Hagedorn Medal for Humanitarian Medical Assistance, South and Central American Region of the International Diabetes Federation, August 2003.


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