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Diabetes Australia-NSW, founded in 1937 with headquarters in Sydney, is the third oldest diabetes organisation in the world, and the the leading one in Australia. It is similar to the American Diabetes Association and the Diabetes UK.

In its official website, Diabetes Australia-NSW has articulated its objectives in these words: "We are a non-profit, non-government, consumer based organisation. Our mission is to help people by working to reduce the impact of diabetes on their lives. We achieve this through members’ financial support and community donations. Funds are spent on research, education programs, public awareness campaigns and advocacy to protect the rights of people with diabetes."[1]


Diabetes Australia-NSW publications are especially targeted to persons with diabetes. Its four major publications are:

  • Issues: the quarterly journal of Diabetes Australia-NSW, investigates contemporary health and lifestyle matters related to having diabetes. It provides an important forum at the leading edge of health journalism for people with diabetes. Issues is packed with news, features and useful information.
  • Invigorate: A twice-yearly magazine with information and motivation tips to help people prevent type 2 diabetes
  • You said What?!: A quarterly magazine for teenagers.
  • JellyBean Scene: A quarterly magazine for kids below 12 years.

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