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Animas IR1250 is an insulin pump. According to the manufacturer of Animas IR1250, this insulin pump used for insulin therapy to controlling and helping control blood glucose levels as recommended by the medical professionals treating the person with diabetes. Delivery of insulin by this insulin pump takes in two ways - "a continuous, 24 hour 'basal' rate and 'bolus' insulin deliveries to accommodate for immediate doses to cover foods eaten and high blood glucose.[1]

The use of this insulin pump is contraindicated under certain situations. Abilities of "adequate vision or hearing" is implied to understand and recognize the alerts, if any, signaled by the pump. Other contraindications include the following if the person using it is unable or unwilling for any reason to carry out the following:

  • Blood glucose test for 4 to 6 times every day or as recommended by the health care personnel is required to be done to monitor the level of blood sugar of the person using it.
  • Adequate carbohydrate counting skills are implied on the part of person using this insulin pump.
  • Good diabetic care skills like are implied on the part of the person using it.
  • Person using IR1250 is expected to consult his/ her medical care personnel regularly.

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